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Our main company seat is based in Hungary, from where we provide outstanding professional actors and voiceover talents in the Hungarian language, with decades of experience in theater, TV, radio. Our Hungarian voices are selected from top echelon talent and are the most popular the country.   Voice is their profession.  They are dedicated, experienced, and passionate.

Voiceovers and dubbing in the Hungarian language is unlike other voiceover languages.  The Hungarian language is one of the most unique among the European languages.  Grammatically there is barely a resemblance to the languages of neighboring countries.  Even among native Hungarians, a fine Hungarian performance requires a special artistic training in order to display the proper emphasis and articulation.  Our artists are actors and singers practice and perfect the use of these special techniques required of Hungarian every day of their lives.

So the flawless Hungarian voiceover is unique.

Now imagine how special is the combination of such professional artists with the proper recording techniques. Though our team, your recorded audio will be of such quality that it is guaranteed to bring accolades to you and to enhance your corporate image worldwide.  Even the most discerning critics will praise the results.  This is why we are so proud of our awards and recognitions throughout local and global markets.

Our Hungarian voice artists – as with our other language artists - are native speakers, retaining the perfection of accent and style in every situation.  We believe that only those people can speak it perfectly that use it every day in every situation. It’s impossible to provide quality recordings without this. Coupled with our professional sound engineers, language directors, and translators, we consistently yield the top results in the Hungarian market.  Whichever audience is listening to our recordings, the results are world class.

You can trust us with your translations, as well. Our experienced, professional translators deliver the best from any world language, including rare languages.

With decades of experience behind us, and hundreds of happy customers, we bring the best for your budget. And extremely cost effective!  Our mixing studio is manned by musical professionals who create the ideal music mix for advertising, corporate, and film.   We perfect your tracks in ways often ignored by other engineers, by removing mouth noises, the sound of breaths, and other distracting effects.  Our mixers know how to blend sounds correctly and with precision according to the end usage, differentiating the mixing style for an audio guide that is heard mostly through earphones from a mix for internet advertising that is heard mostly through computer speakers.  These details differentiate us.

Services offered in hungarian language:

voiceovers for advertising

In our studio, we record voiceovers for TV, radio, internet and in-store commercials and advertisements in Hungarian.  Beside the precisely worded text and pictures that grab a viewer’s or listener’s attention, it is also essential that every sound that is heard in these commercials perfectly conveys the item being advertised and brand’s message.  Whether you want to address a younger or the older audience, our voiceover artists, language directors and sound engineers are all experienced professionals, who know how to best accommodate to your markets.  Or we could even bring up different subcultures as an example… within a same language, word usage can have great impact.  A different expression may create a more intimate and heartfelt commercial voiceover than would be used for a sensation-oriented voiceover.  Our Hungarian talent pool incudes all age groups from children to narrators to elderly ladies and gentlemen, as well as singing talent and cartoon voices.  The quality of our services has convinced companies like BMW, Burger King, Western Union and Microsoft.

e-learning, interactive training

E-learning and other interactive training courses are becoming extremely popular, thanks to the fact that they provide a cost-effective corporate training method.  We also record user guides for products, services and applications. These usually entail long voiceover tracks in which retaining the listener’s attention is essential. Our experienced voice actors know exactly how the tone and performance to use for these kinds of projects. Over the years, we had the opportunity to prove our worth in this area to several multinational companies.


We have a long history of producing audio guides. Besides traditional guides, we have had the opportunity to create new and revolutionary guides, such as the “dialogic guide”, which makes an adult exhibition fun even for a child.  In this style, the adult voice has a conversation with the exhibition’s child voice, placing the audioguide in an entirely different light than in the paste.


We are open to bringing every idea of your exhibition – be it virtual or real –to life so that your visitors can enjoy it wholeheartedly in Hungarian as well

medical and pharmaceutical voiceovers

Our impressive experience extends to voicing specialty projects such as medical and pharmaceutical courses, and informational recordings for machines and equipment.  It is our honor to work with several major companies that operate health centers around the world, distribute medical equipment or provide further training for doctors and health care workers. Because of their wording and grammar, these voiceover scripts often require a high level of preparedness during recording, both in terms of the Hungarian language, and in performer skills.  Our Hungarian voiceover talents, directors, and engineers provide immaculate end results, properly pronouncing potentially difficult medical or technical terminology.

hungarian localization for softwares, video games, toys, talking products

Grinbox Studio regularly participates in the making of the Hungarian product and media localizations in a variety of formats. Our talents provide their voice for indie games to big AAA titles and everything in between including Crysis (Crytek), Witcher (CD Projekt) and other videogames, talking toys, and software.  We voice systems that help people living with disabilities, devices, talking and singing toys.  We produce voiceovers for VR devices, applications and games.

Our sound professionals, as well as our talents, are prepared for every type of recording format that may be required, be it standard voiceover, time synced, strict time constraint, sound sync, or lip sync.  In addition, with many years of experience behind us, we execute full localization of software text and voice plus corresponding User’s Guides. Our sound engineers generate sound effects for video games and voice SFX, then our composers write the music adapted to any genre.

narration, dubbing, lipsync


Our hungarian actors have daily practise at narration, dubbing, lipsync. Our studio is contracted to make the Hungarian audio tracks for short films, corporate videos, marketing, crowdfunding campaigns, commercials, animations, feature films, television series and even a full television channel. Character voices, singing… it is all in a day’s work for our voiceover actors and professionals, who have proven themselves for Disney (Pixar), Universal, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, BBC and HBO.  Our voice actors are the localized voices of Hollywood stars such as Robert de Niro, Bruce Willis, Jim Carrey, Leonardo DiCaprio,  David Attenborough, Maggie Smith and Scarlett Johansson.

hungarian voice for IVR, on hold message

Many companies turn to us for localization of telephone IVR and on-hold messages.  Our sound engineers know exactly how to handle voiceovers to fit the special required IVR format, both traditional announcements and concatenated sentences created on the fly by the IVR system.


Countless books have become audiobooks in our studio, from world literature to Hungarian literature.  Karinthy, Kipling, Twain… are just a few of those famous authors whose works we have turned into audiobooks. In our fast-paced world, reading is now a luxury that requires a complete reorganization of our daily lives to achieve.  The advent of audiobooks has breathed new life into the world of literary entertainment, culture and training.  Due to our special literary and artistic qualifications, our voice teams and language directors create exquisite results in every genre – results that engage the listener’s attention by paying homage to the book’s original mood and purpose, while our sound engineers and directors ensure that the mixing and technical aspects create audio at the peak of perfection.

translate from/to hungarian

Our translators will translate your texts to Hungarian from any of the major European languages, and we can arrange for translation from rarer languages, as well. Our translators have decades of experience, including translating literary works. We translate movies and every other type of material that requires perfection.  We adapt for lip sync and for timing to matching the number of syllables in the Hungarian version to the original language. We assure that the mouth movements and the audio are in perfect sync. At the same time, the message is retained as in the original language.  It is important to note that translation is sometimes made more difficult by other restrictions. For example, if the character is speaking from an entirely different historic era or is of a special social class.  Thus, translation requires broad knowledge and experience of cultural history and linguistics. We will translate your texts so as to retain your original message. That message will will be well received by the Hungarian audience, just as hoped.

multilingual projects

Our studio accepts requests for multilingual projects. Thanks to our partner studios worldwide in the given language’s home country – we can also organize voiceover projects in dozens of languages. We are proud that our international partner studios that work in a similar fashion to ourselves: with local voice actors, performers, directors, and sound engineers. In our opinion, this is the only way to guarantee the perfect use of language:  Work with only experienced talents and professionals living in the given language’s home country, who record in the language on a day-to-day basis.

Sample our Hungarian talents:



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